* We sell, service and repair computers of all types (laptops, desktops, servers, network equipment, printers, etc). We are Dell authorized resellers and warranty providers for our clients, but use many other vendors as well. We handle all your upgrade needs, wireless needs, VPN's, etc. We work with other vendors (software, network, ISP, hardware) as liaisons for you..making sure everyone plays nice together..and works as they should.

* Training is what we do best, and lately, the most of what we do. One on one, or instructor led, we do it both ways, and every way in between. QuickBooks, Microsoft operating systems (Win98, WINME,Win2000,Win XP, XP Server) Mac OSX, Microsoft Office, Act!, just to name a few). NEWS

* Hardware moves, installs, upgrades, push - pull scenario's, Hot cut, seat migration - every day procedures for us.
* However, what we do best is a combination of all those things. We make things, both hardware and software, work together, especially when they are not currently..and should. Our problem solving skills are as good as any other IT company in the world. We always manage to find a way. We are conservative, fair, and reasonable with our billing, and respect your busy times, and work hard to stay out of the way, and be where you want us when you need us. Our slogan is "I.T. on call, not on staff" and that is exactly what we are. We look forward to serving you.

8110 Cypress Plaza Drive - Suite 202 - Jacksonville, FL 32256  Phone: (904) 223-9630   Fax: (904) 212-0482